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Certifications & Exams

Ripples Music Centre is an accredited trainer for Rock School London (formerly known as 'RockSchool') and Trinity College London, two of the most popular, internationally recognized Music Qualifications in the world.

These Certifications, or 'Grade Exams' as they are often called,

can be useful milestones on your musical journey.

But, well let us make it a bigger but, BUT, we know that the learning experience, shapes you much more than just the writing of exams. And so, we strive to strike balance in helping you prepare for the exams and in making your journey undeniably exciting and fun.  

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Qualifications Available

Acoustic/Electric Guitar | Bass | Piano & Keys | Vocals | Music Production | Music Theory

Debut - Grade 8

2 Examination Seasons Annually - May-June & Nov-Dec

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Qualifications Available - Classical

Acoustic/Plectrum/Classical Guitar | Piano | Vocals | Music Theory

Qualifications Available - Rock & Pop

Guitar | Keyboards | Vocals 

Debut - Grade 8

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