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About Us

Learning music can be fun at Ripples Music Centre as we ensure you learn the foundations of music properly and enable you to become a pro in your choice of instrument.

Music Programs


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Our Piano program is designed to put forward the traditional and modern approach in the learning process to equip the student with the discipline to master any genre with stylistic depth, creative knowledge and musicianship. 

Our Keyboard program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and intensive training to master the skill and artistry through rigorous practice exercises and live performances. Every student will be able to develop the skill and the creative competence to explore a range of contemporary styles and techniques and execute it with expertise. 

Our guitar program is devised to offer professional level training in guitar technique and musicianship from beginner to advanced levels designed to equip the student with the skill and expertise to give masterful performances.  

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Our Music production team strives to provide every student with first-class training and hands-on experience on the latest technologies and production softwares. As a music producer, students will be given in-depth training on the technical and practical aspects of production that will equip them to create their own tracks and kick off their career in Music production. 

We offer every student the chance to discover their own unique tone and artistry through intensive training, artistic development and a disciplined practice regimen. As a vocal student, they will be endowed with the skill and charisma to adapt to any genre and excel as a true artist.  

Our Violin program offers intensive technical training and individual practice routines to help the students bring out their own artistry and skill to the table. As a violin student, they will be trained to be knowledgeable of all styles while showcasing their unique sound and proficiency.

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"there is a teacher
for everyone"

I recommend Ripple Music as Frank is easy to talk to and tries to find you what will suit you. It was good because I got the option of trying one teacher first to see how I felt. Frank checks in with you to see how you're doing and it is important to him that all the students are doing good and I'm sure he would do his best if someone were to have a problem and teaching styles which means there is a teacher for everyone!





+91 638 171 7623
+91 996 504 5076​
291, Syndicate Bank Colony
Ramalinga Nagar First Main Road, 
Tiruchirappalli, TN, India

Please note:

Classes can be scheduled as per the convenience of the student.

Then on, students are encouraged to stick to their schedule, however, under unforeseen circumstances, compensation classes will be allocated if absence is notified before the class begins.

Thanks for submitting!

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